Cruising Essentials List

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Motion Sickness Patches, whether you get sea sick or not its always a good idea to have these onboard if waters get rough. They are very expensive to buy on the ship so I suggest bringing them with you.

Motion sickness medicine, I have a couple options as what works for some does not work for others

Some cruise ships only have one or two outlets in the cabin. Extension cords are not allowed but outlet extenders are! This extender allows you to plug in usb devices as well as 5 standard plugs

Walls and doors in your cabin are magnetic since they are made of steel. This is a great way to create more space in your cabin. These magnetic hooks hold purses, backpacks, hats, towels and more!

My favorite item on the list! This neck fan is a life saver in Florida, Southern California or really anywhere for the heat!

One more space saving trick this over the door hanger has mesh pockets that can hold everything from flip flips so they are off the floor to hair dryers to keep the bathroom clean. The mesh is great so nothing stays wet. (some ships do not allow over the door hangers and in this case you can hang this with the magnetic hooks recommended)

A Portable Charging Power Bank is always an essential for us on any trip!

For those hot days!

Air circulation in the cabin is not the best, I found a fan helpful with keeping the room and me cooler at night. I set this fan on my nightstand and it really helped me sleep cooler.

These oversized clips are to hold your towel to your pool chair on those windy sea days!

Some cabins depending on where they are on the ship can get very dark at night. A nightlight helps navigate in the dark if anyone needs to get up.

Another great space saving trick is to take a colapsable hamper with you. Throw all those worn clothes into the hamper and it keeps your cabin floor free too move about comfortably!

Cooling towels is another great way to keep cool!

Waterproof bags are great to stuff things in in case it rains or you go to the pool!

This organizer was great to house all of our phone cords, battery packs, and we kept our Passports and Vax cards in there for easy access at the Port.

Deet is great and all but this Lemongrass lotion works FAR better than any bug spray I have ever used. It’s great to put on in the morning and it will protect you from those ankle biting flies and mosquitos!

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